Starry Krueger

November 8, 2017 - 1 minute read

Starry earned her Master’s Degree in Education at the University of New Haven and holds a Children’s Yoga Certificate. As a first grade teacher, Starry cultivated a warm and demanding learning environment where students felt both supported and challenged. She worked with parents to build a strong home-school connection and to support them with homework help, behavior struggles, social/emotional challenges and motivating their students to become lifelong learners.

In 2015, she founded Imaginary Theater Company, a children’s theater committed to producing original plays that empower children to be the heroes of their own stories.  Through this program, children build life skills including public speaking, teamwork, literacy and empathy. Starry is a firm believer that the arts can be a powerful tool in processing emotions, motivaticoachstarry@png students who may struggle academically and helping children find their voice.