As a mother of four kids spanning in ages from 19 years old to 1 year, I’ve definitely been on the rollercoaster ride of parenthood. During each pregnancy, I struggled with postpartum depression while juggling a busy career in finance. Due to lack of time and a lack of energy, I was unable to seek a therapist. However, I felt relieved after speaking with other parents who had children around the same age as mine, and who empathized with my struggles.

I realized that during each of my pregnancies, my entire focus was on the baby, and not on me. I had completely neglected self care and love. I thought that certainly, other parents, even if they are excited about a new baby, have had feelings similar to mine. Sitting in my office, I felt lonely and isolated with no one to share my thoughts and feelings, since most of my coworkers were men and would degrade my capabilities as a working mother.

The more I researched for parental support sessions, I found limited resources. During my fourth pregnancy, I informed my doctor that I was feeling more and more anxious and he told me that most women who are anxious during pregnancy are likely to suffer from postpartum depression. With his suggestion to seek outside support, I hired a postpartum coach who, at $250 per hour, was not only expensive, but also inconvenient. As a busy working mom of three, I didn’t have time to devote to myself and see my postpartum coach once a week. I repeatedly told myself that there must be a better solution out there. If not, I would build one myself.

I began to do my research with new mothers and families. The majority of them said they would have loved to have spoken with someone and would have asked the dads to join. During my conversations with these moms, I learned that postpartum blues can also affect fathers.

Equipped with my new findings, the time came for me to start something new: Parentcirkle – a community solution for parents. 

As one of the top producers at my financial firm, I found it tremendously valuable to have an executive coach. Having a coach listen and guide me through various challenges during and after pregnancy was exactly what I needed. Given that most new parents and parents in general, struggle to find time for self-care, I knew the coaching sessions would need to be held at a convenient time and place. At work, I often find it easier to communicate face-to-face with clients via video conference rather than telephone calls. Video conferencing is also more convenient for clients who are farther away geographically or simply cannot come into an office.

At Parentcirkle, our goal is to provide a network of peer support to create mentally healthy parents who can return to work sooner and contribute to a prosperous economy. Parentcirkle combines parent coaching services with a video conferencing platform so parents can openly express their feelings, struggles, and triumphs. We envision the Parentcirkle platform extending to parents of all ages as parenting evolves with time.

During our coach-led sessions, parents access a peer session in the comfort of their own space, sharing best parenting techniques and relevant information. You may choose private one-on-one sessions or a group session.

I wish I would have had the Parentcirkle community when I was raising my first two children as a single mother and desperately needed support. Now, I am passionate about creating a community and committed to helping other parents heal and move forward.

Thank you and we look forward to helping you,

Mary Aggarwal

Founder and CEO
Mother of four
Parentcirkle Inc.